Work in the Czech Republic under Government Program for Indians
The Government Program "Qualified Employee India" is open for those applicants, whose future Czech employer fulfills all the requirements stipulated therein. The applicants, whose future Czech employer participates in the Program, can apply for an employee card at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi without prior registration. The applicants will be informed about the appointment date by their employer.
How it works?
The employer confirms that he accepts the candidate
The employer sends the application to the Guarantor (Ministry of the Czech Republic)
A candidate applies for a job position
The employer receives confirmation from the Guarantor that the candidate is included in the Program
The employer prepares the documents which are necessary to request a long-term visa
The employer receives the date and time of an appointment from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi
The candidate receives the date and time of an appointment and the originals of documents from the employer
The candidate submits all necessary documents to the Embassy and waits for the decision on the issuing a visa
As soon as a candidate gets a visa, he buys a ticket to the Czech Republic
After arrival, the candidate is officially hired, starts to work, and gets an Employee card
Available vacancy:
Required for work: men under 45,
experience in carpentry is desirable, but not obligatory.
Knowledge of English at a communicative level.
Work in the production of energy-efficient houses
Schedule of work: 5-6 days a week, from 8 hours a day, it is possible to take additional hours
Place of work: Czech Republic, city of Plzen
Manufacturing of ceilings, walls, installation of windows, etc., which are then sent to Germany to assemble full-fledged houses
Hand work, using production equipment, in a clean room
Work experience is not required (training is free)
Language of communication: English, Czech, Russian
Absolutely legal employment with payment of all taxes
Uniforms provided
Accommodation for employees is free, in apartments with all conveniences: from 2 to 4 people in a room.
Medical care and insurance are paid by the company!
Couples are provided with a separate room
  • Number of working hours from 176 hours per month.
  • Salary (average monthly) $ 1300- $ 1500.
  • Advances are possible.
Obligatory: have a desire to work and earn!
Example of documents from the Employer
Example of visas
List of necessary documents to start the process:
(scanned copies of a good quality

Passport + all pages with marks
Internal document which proves identity
Address of registration
Filled application
For the list of documents required for applying for a work visa, check with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in India. Attention! A client doesn't need to take an appointment to submit documents at the Embassy on their own! The appointment is taken by the Ministry of the Czech Republic!
Pay for the service
You may send your application to:
  • Is this service free?
No, the service is paid.
  • Can I pay for everything after the visa?
No, there are necessary expenses and all payments must be done by the set installments.
  • Is there a refund in case of a visa refusal?
Yes, there is a partial refund in case of non-issuance of a visa was not by the fault of the candidate (force-majeure is not accounted as a reason for refund).
  • Where will I live in the Czech Republic?
Guarantee of accommodation is one of the documents from an employer which is obligatory for requesting a visa.
  • Where to find more information about this government program?
You may check the website of the Embassy
Clic Here
  • How much time does the process take?
On average, it takes 2,5-3 months. The duration depends a lot on the work of the Czech Ministry and the Embassy in India.
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